Web design, graphic design Marjan Trajkovski

Web designer, graphic designer, graduated in 2006 at College of technical vocational studies in Čačak in Serbia.
Advanced knowledge of web design, graphic design app: Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash, Edge Animate.
Broad work experience as full time web designer, graphic designer in companies: BS Procesor, Navigator, Halo oglasi.
Broad work experience as freelance web designer, graphic designer in companies: Blink2, Datalab, Mondi Lamex.

Web design, building websites

SEO, domain registration, websites hosting

Web design, building of unique and high quality websites with the latest technologies (HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap).
Applying best SEO techniques which aims to most optimal websites ranking on search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing).
Advice and assistance in internet domain registration (com, org, edu) and the most appropriate websites hosting.

Web design Flash and HTML5/CSS3/JS banners

Web design, creating animated multimedia websites, banners and animations in Flash, GIF and HTML5/CSS3/JS format.
Animated Flash and HTML5/CSS3/JS Edge Animate and Web Designer banners are the most widespread type of web ads.
Advice and assistance in the most appropriate banners and way for web advertising (AdWords, DoubleClick, Adform).

* Required newest versions of internet browsers for previewing Adobe Edge Animate and Google Web Designer HTML5/CSS3/JS banners.
* Required newest version of Flash player and plugin for internet browsers for previewing of Flash banners and animations.

Graphic design, graphic prepress

Graphic publishing, creating vector illustrations

Graphic design of unique, appealing and high quality graphic printing products with graphic prepress and postpress process.
Graphic design of corporate identity with logotypes, fonts and books of standards, full scope of graphics promotional package,
billboards, banners, placates, catalogs, brochures, flyers, advertisments, business cards, packages, branding, car graphics.

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Web designer, graphic designer Marjan Trajkovski

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My services: web design, building websites, web design, creating flash websites, web design, building flash banners, graphic design, graphic prepress for press.

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